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Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of romance and luxury and have been for centuries. But what is it about this particular gemstone that drives people to want to own one? And what makes this stone so valuable?

Diamonds: a symbol of love and fidelity

Throughout time, diamonds have been a symbol of love and of wealth. Historic accounts even note that diamond engagement rings were used in marriage proposals as early as the 15th century. While diamonds have been used to “seal the deal” through the ages, it wasn’t until the 20th century that the popularity of diamond engagement rings reached an all-time high thanks to a creative marketing campaign courtesy of De Beers. In 1947, this diamond powerhouse came up with an infamous slogan you may very well know: “A Diamond is Forever”. Since then, it’s hard to imagine engagements or engagement rings without diamonds.


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What makes diamonds so valuable?

A few factors play a role in making a diamond such a valuable and sought-after item. To start with, diamonds are a natural resource and are finite. Thousands of years ago, diamonds were created deep under the earth’s surface, due to a combination of high temperature and high pressure. As a result of continual mining, the supplies of diamonds are decreasing and eventually we will reach a point where no new diamonds are being added to the mix. This adds to the lure of rarity and luxury.

Aside from the limited resources available, diamonds durability also makes them very valuable. A diamond is also one of the hardest materials on earth. This makes them very wearable and easy to use in jewelry. Additionally, the sparkle a diamond possesses is unparalleled, especially when compared to other gemstones. This enticing movement of light and shine make it hard for anyone to want to take their eyes off of a diamond!

While the use of diamonds in jewelry is probably the best known purpose for the infamous gemstone, people also buy them for investment purposes. Maybe you have already heard of the term ‘investment diamond’. Either way, diamonds are an interesting way to expand and diversify your investment portfolio, due to their ability to maintain their value and the fact that they are always resalable. In order to invest in a diamond, it’s important that it meets certain criteria, like size (above 1.00 ct. for example) and quality (only high quality diamonds suffice).

This GIA-certified 1.60 ct. diamond is an interesting option to help expand your investment portfolio, due to its size, high clarity and colour.

> GIA-certified 1.60 ct. diamond

Or what about this stunning 1.67 ct. HRD-certified investment piece?


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Diamonds in all shapes and sizes

When most people think of a diamond’s shape or ‘cut’, the round shape often comes to mind first. While round cut diamonds are still the most sought-after shape, other shapes still remain popular among consumers. These so-called ‘fancy shapes’ are unique and offer a lot of personality.

Our March Auction, contains wonderful examples of popular ‘fancy shape’ diamonds. Take this stunning emerald cut diamond or this romantic heart shaped diamond for example. An emerald cut offers a beautiful minimalist shape, for the person who likes long, clean lines and a sleek look. Because of the way these stones are cut, with their facets operating as clear windows, it’s important to have a high quality diamond with as few inclusions as possible. That’s what makes this 3.13 ct. diamond unique: it’s beautiful white colour and high clarity. This stunning emerald cut would make a great addition to anyone’s collection.


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A heart shapes makes people think of romance and love. What could possibly be more romantic than a heart shaped diamond? It would make the perfect gift for you or for someone dear to your heart. In addition, this stunner is sizable as well, so it’s a definite eyecatcher.



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While we have seen that a diamond’s shape can make it unique and special, so can it’s size and/or colour. How about this spectacular 4.43 ct. GIA-certified diamond? It’s size makes it an obvious showstopper, but so does it’s warm, beautiful hue. Are you looking for ‘a lot of diamond’ for less, then you can’t miss out on this one.


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