Free expert appraisal

It happens regularly that after cleaning an attic, during a move or after dividing the inheritance, something turns up of which you think: “I better have someone look at it.” An unusual silver scale,  jewellery from a great-aunt or a collection of coins and banknotes. Then this is the right article. A free valuation for your art and antiques can easily be done at Veilinghuis De Ruiter.


Experience a valuation at Veilinghuis De Ruiter

At Veilinghuis De Ruiter, we know exactly what you need. Thanks to more than 35 years of experience, we have a lot of knowledge and expertise to determine the proper value of your objects. Experience a valuation at Veilinghuis De Ruiter and you’ll meet:

Specialised valuers

Family business De Ruiter has been trading in precious metals, collector’s items, jewellery and watches, etc. for years. Our experienced and specialised valuers therefore have a lot of knowledge of valuable objects. The auction house is also a member of various trade unions.

Free and non-binding valuation and advice

A valuation at Veilinghuis De Ruiter is free and non-binding. So you’re not required to sell or auction. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment for a valuation of your objects.

Based on the valuation, we advice you about the next steps you could take. This can be putting the item up for auction, immediate sale or even the advice to keep the item for a little longer. In the end, the choice is yours.

Personal attention

At Veilinghuis De Ruiter, we combine our passion for special items with a personal approach. It’s always surprising to meet beautiful objects, people and stories. We’ll do anything to make you feel that you’re not a number to us. We love providing time and attention. To you as a visitor and customer and to the objects you’re having valued.

Service and ease

We offer a lot of opportunities to have your objects valued. This can be continuously done at Veilinghuis De Ruiter in Klaaswaal or during valuation days in the country. You can always count on good facilities as well as proper parking space, a pleasant reception and discrete treatment. For a valuation of your objects an appointment is required. This can be done by phone (tel. 0031 (0)186 746 746) or e-mail.

Is transport an issue for you? Or would you rather not carry your belongings with you? Then contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Immediate settlement possible

A valuation doesn’t obligate you to anything. But if you want to immediately sell your objects or put them up for auction, we’ll settle it for you on the spot.