Professional assessment with quick results 

At Veilinghuis De Ruiter, you can have your valuables valued easily and with quick results. We value jewellery, watches, silver objects, banknotes and coins. Our expert and experienced appraisers appraise your objects remotely for free via email and telephone. Make use of it right away! 


  • Email: Send us an e-mail and we will assess your objects. 
  • Take clear photos or a short video 
  • Give a brief description of the object 
  • You will receive a reply within a few days. 


Would you prefer to speak to us to discuss your valuation and objects? Then call us at tel. +31 (0)186 – 746 746. 

This is how selling through our auction works 



An expert appraiser determines the value of your items.  


Based on the valuation, we will recommend a minimum price for the auction. Upon agreement, you will leave your items with us and receive a consignment note. 


We will treat your items with care and store this in a secure and insured storage room. 


Your items will be described, numbered and photographed with consideration. 


Well before the auction you will also receive the catalogue with an overview of your submitted items. You can follow the bids on your items in the auction. 


Afterwards, you will receive a summary of your sold lots and the amount we will pay you. 

Don’t hesitate and contact us today!