Payment instruction


Pay your invoice in 7 steps.

You can switch languages by clicking on the English or Dutch flag at the head of this website.


Step 1 > Go to ‘Log on’

Click on ‘log on’ at the head of our website.


Step 2 > Log in

Fill out your email address and password to login onto our website.

Step 3 > Go to ‘Gebruikerspanel’

Go to ‘gebruikerspanel’ at the head of our website and click on ‘settings’.


Step 4 > Your invoices

Click on ‘your invoices’ to see your outstanding payments.


Step 5 > Payment

Click on ‘pay’ to proceed your payment.


Step 6 > Check your payment

Please check the details on your invoice and click on ‘pay invoice’.


Step 7 > File payment

Choose one of the payment options and complete payment.