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Industrieweg 24
3286 BW Klaaswaal

+31 (0) 186 - 746 746

Opening hours

Saleroom at Klaaswaal:
Monday to Friday from 9 am - 5 pm*
*Closed on 15 may 2023
Saturday and Sunday closed
> Valuation and visit by appointment only.

Please call +31 (0) 186 746 746 to make an appointment.

Want to come by for a valuation?

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It’s possible to have your belongings assessed for a valuation at a location near you. The auction house is located at Klaaswaal, where, naturally, valuations also take place. Every week in Klaaswaal, art and antiques in specific are assessed for valuation. We make valuations by appointment only. In case of complete or partial collections of coins, medals and/or banknotes, valuations of coins and medals are done by our numismatists (experts of coins and medals in the field of numismatics). Of course, it’s possible to talk to one of our banknotes experts. We can provide advice specifically for silver, gold, jewellery, jewels and watches (and also exclusive watches) and a valuation on location in one of the 100 locations in the Netherlands and Belgium makes it even easier. Stamps will be assessed by our standard philatelists and valuators. And we have a lot of knowledge in the field of antique toys and, for example, old postcards as well.

Valuation at home?

Don’t hesitate to contact us to exchange thoughts on the possibilities of having a valuation done at home. Naturally, it can happen that a belonging can’t easily be transported due to the size or that it concerns a fragile object where every form of risk should be avoided.

Attend an auction?

What’s better than attending an auction live and experience the feeling of excitement? To see the face of the auctioneer right before auctioning off a unique object. Or to quickly view an object during the viewing days to become even more enthusiastic about it. At the auction house in Klaaswall at the Industrieweg number 24, we’ll happily welcome anyone interested in the auction.

Free parking in front of the door

There’s plenty of room to park in Klaaswaal and it’s possible to park the car directly in front of the auction house. Parking is free. We’ll receive you at our auction house with a cup of coffee or tea. In a discrete valuation office, we’ll value your belongings while you’re present. Making an appointment for a valuation is required.