Bid on unique objects in the prebid now!

Participating in an auction is a wonderful experience. We’d love to teach you about the rules of the auction. This way, you’ll know exactly how our auction works.


How can I participate?

Everyone can participate in our auctions. We do ask you to register in advance. After filling in and sending the registration form, you will receive an email with an activation code. This activates your account on our website. From now one, you can log in and bid from any location.



You can participate in our auctions in the way that suits you best.

Is the auction held at an inconvenient time? We’ll always give you the opportunity to bid online or in writing on your favourite lots in the pre-bid auction in advance. This way, you’ll have more time and opportunity to bid on lots. And after that, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Bidding in the pre-bid auction can be done by a bid in writing or by bidding using the internet.

Bidding online can be done in two ways: using an automatic bid or a normal bid. With an automatic bid, you can enter the maximum amount that you want to bid. This bid is saved in the system and ensures the system automatically bids for you until your maximum amount is reached. This way, you remain the highest bidder without having to closely follow the auction. If you make a normal bid, it’s a single bid. You’ll receive an email when another has outbid you.

Lots you’ve bid on are put on your list automatically, so you have a practical overview of all your favourite lots. You can also add lots you haven’t bid on yourself.


During the auction, you can bid live in the auction room or online

In the auction room: Following the auction live in the room. You visit our Auction House in Klaaswall and can bid on the spot. After the auction, you can immediately take the lots that you’ve won after payment. The in-room auction provides a wonderful experience and you’re guaranteed all modern facilities.

Bidding online: Bidding online ensures speed, ease and not being bound to a location. The online action provides freedom. To bid online, you log in to our website and issue your bids directly. You can read more about bidding in writing and online below.


After the auction

Have you seen a lot no one has bid on, but that you want to buy? It’s still possible. Up to two weeks after the in-room auction, the unsold lots can still be sold for the reserve price plus commission.


How does bidding in writing or by phone work?

  • By phone: We’ll call you during the auction. You can bid by phone. You can pay and collect the lots won afterwards.
  • In writing: before the auction, you’ll send us a filled in bidding form by mail or email. We’ll bid on your behalf in the auction. Bids in writing need to be presented to us at least 24 hours before the in-room auction starts. Afterwards, we’ll inform you and you can pay and collect the lots you’ve won.


Download bidding form



If you have won objects, you’ll find the following costs on the invoice: The amount you bid (highest bid), commission of 22,5% per lot. If you want to have the object you’ve won shipped, then you can contact us.



Payment of the object you’ve won can be done after the auction using cash, debit card or a money transfer. Instructions step by step


Taking, collecting or shipping objects

Immediately take the objects

During and after the auction, you can immediately take home the lots that you’ve won after payment. In the week afterwards, you can also pick up your objects at the Auction House in Klaaswaal from Monday to Friday from 10.00 – 16.00.


All objects you’ve won can be collected at Veilinghuis De Ruiter in Klaaswaal. We also offer the ability to collect any small items (with maximum dimensions (L 10 cm x W 10 cm x H 18 cm) at a location near you. We collaborate with Goudwisselkantoor. This organisation has more than 80 locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, visit for a location near you and communicate this by email or phone. We will inform you when you can collect your order by email. When collecting the objects, you can view them and then pay them.


If you’re not able to collect the object you’ve won, we can ship the objects to you. Contact us and ask about the possibilities.