Bid in the auction and win fantastic objects! From 19 - 22 March we will auction a large collection of coins, banknotes, jewellery, art, etc. Don't miss out your favorites and bid live.
The auction for Coins and Medals starts around 13h00 local time. Start bidding on your favorite items via our online auction.

Bid on unique objects in the auction now!

To the auctionBid on unique objects in the auction now!



Successfully sell your valuable objects? Bring them to the auctions of Veilinghuis De Ruiter.

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Could it be that one of your belongings is valuable? You’ll find out by having it valued for free.

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Do you have a splendid collection and do you want to sell it, auction it off or actually expand it? Veilinghuis De Ruiter makes it possible.

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CalendarUpcoming days

Auction of coins and medals

19 March 2019
Time: 13:00 - 21:00 uur

Auction of Silver

20 March 2019
Time: 09:00 - 18:00 uur

Auction of Gold, jewellery and watches

20 March 2019
Time: 10:00 - 17:00 uur

Auction of art and antiques

22 March 2019
Time: 08:30 - 21:00 uur

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Veilinghuis De Ruiter In summary

Veilinghuis De Ruiter is truly a Dutch auction house. With decades of experience in collector’s items and precious metals. Multiple times a year, serious collections of collector’s items, precious metals, art and antiques, jewellery, watches and other desired objects are put under the hammer. Varying from ‘something nice to put on the wall’ to rare, valuable pieces. Anyone can bring in objects and also buy them themselves in the auction.

  • more than 30 years of experience
  • realised high profits
  • national and international sellers and buyers
  • personal approach
  • over 80 locations for bringing in items and valuation

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Categorieën Numismatic and paper money
The many coins and medals worldwide reflect such a beautiful and rich history. Veilinghuis De Ruiter has built up expansive knowledge of Dutch coins (such as Royal, provincial, Dutch East India Company, low lands, medieval and colonial) and foreign coins (countries, Greek, Roman).

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Medals tell the story of special unusual events in history. Immortalised on (precious) metal and sometimes provided with much detailed background information. Veilinghuis De Ruiter auctions large collections of medals multiple times a year.

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Paper money is a unique field of collecting. The variations, colours and appearances are very diverse. Veilinghuis De Ruiter auctions off Dutch State banknotes, emergency money, camp money tokens, scrips, notes from Overseas Areas, foreign notes, etc.

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Categorieën Art and antiques
Lovers of art and antiques can appreciate the wonderful history and beauty of the objects. Often, the details make the difference or the creators infused the item with special class. The auction collections of Veilinghuis De Ruiter reflect a rich diversity in special items!

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Jewellery and jewels display a lustrous beauty. From refined specimens to colourful gemstones, lovely pearls and artistic designer jewellery. The collections offered by Veilinghuis De Ruiter are always richly varied in jewellery, jewels and (loose) diamonds.

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In watches, elegance and refined technique go together. Timepieces that are already a delight to look at often hide surprising feats of technology. Thanks to our experience in all types of watches, we regularly auction off beautiful collections, including exclusive branded watches, historical wristwatches and pocket watches.

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The sheen of silver has enchanted people for centuries. At Veilinghuis De Ruiter, we have gained much experience in silver over the years. In silver jewellery of old and new brands. But also in beautiful silver craftsmanship of masters like Bonebakker, De Haas, Hooikaas, Van Geffen and Georg Jensen. They elegantly reflect the history of old times. With varied silver auction collections, we always know how to inspire lovers of silver.

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Valuation at Veilinghuis De Ruiter
Do you own something of which you think: “What is it actually worth?” A coin collection belonging to your (grand)parents, antique items, a porcelain vase or jewellery with gemstones, for example. Perhaps you’ve moved them to the attic years ago. And it turns up again years later. it art or kitsch?
At Veilinghuis De Ruiter, you can have your objects for free and without strings attached. Every week, there’s the Valuation Monday in Klaaswaal. There are regular valuation days throughout the Netherlands and you can go to any of the 80 locations in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Veilinghuis De Ruiter values: gold and silver (in all forms), coins and medals, jewellery and jewels, diamonds and gemstones, watches, banknotes, stamps, art and antiques, postcards and old toys. In short: we have knowledge of and experience in many objects.
After valuation, you’ll know what your objects are worth and whether it’s interesting for you to sell them or auction them off. If you want to, you can settle things immediately. At an immediate sale, we’ll pay you in cash. Do you choose to sell through our auction, then we’ll take your objects from you and you’ll receive extensive information about the auction process.
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